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Thank you for your interest in the Folsom Garden Club's Grant Program. In 2012 the Folsom Garden club started offering grants in addition to our Scholarship Program using funds we raise with our annual "FGC Garden Tour".  We have awarded a total of twenty-six grants amounting to $25,335.  The Club assists in non-profit community efforts to fund worthwhile projects or programs that fulfill the mission of the Club.

Folsom Garden Club is dedicated to spreading the knowledge and love of gardening and horticulture, the support of education in horticultural and related fields and the beautification of public and/or historic property.
The Club offers cash grants to non-profit organizations within the city of Folsom. These grants normally range from $200 to $1,500; however, the Grants Committee will consider and evaluate requests for other amounts.
Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary School
Our Club gave a $1,000 grant to this elementary school to be used to support their new school garden.

FGC 2013 Grant Awards
Your grant application for our "2017 Grants Program" must be submitted by October 17, 2017. 
Natoma Station Elementary School
Our Club gave a $1,500 grant to this elementary school to be used to support their established teaching school garden.

FGC 2012 Grant Awards
Our club gave a grant of $750 to Eagle Scout Rohun Atluri to fund part of an Eagle Scout project to install a greenhouse, tool shed & compost bins on the campus of Vista Del Lago High School.

FGC 2014 Grant Awards
No. 1. Carl Sundahl Elementary School

In 2014 we are pleased to announce the we awarded $9,160 to nine very worthy grants applicants. Congratulations to all of them.
Phase 1:  Purchase 4 pots, citrus & apple trees, decomposed granite & drip emitters to create mini-orchard.  Observe & care for trees & area, create recycling bin, release beneficial insects.  

Kinder area which is in full sun for mini-orchard.

Phase 2:  Work & improve established garden, teach horticulture curriculum  & add drip emitters.  Grow fruits & vegetables to study & eat.  Grow flowers for flower arranging & have garden-based art program.

No. 2. Folsom Hills Elementary School PTA Garden Club

The school PTA is starting a garden club and they think the students will be positively affected from the many benefits of gardening.  The students will be responsible for all stages of gardening.
Purchase seeds and plants, 6 large pots, tools (including shovels, gloves, watering cans, hoes, soil, wheelbarrow & wagon).  Teachers will also use the garden to teach class curriculum.

Put 6 large pots in parent waiting area & plant flowers

Create Art In the Garden
Paint a mural on back of building in garden

Renovate 9 garden boxes currently filled with weeds
No. 3 Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary School
We gave them a grant in 2013 for their fairly new garden. They were very successful with the garden and they want to keep the garden going. Visiting the garden and helping it grow is part of their learning experience.

This year they want to make soil improvements, buy seeds & seedlings for Fall & Spring, and waterproof their garden information board. 

No. 4 Blanche Sprentz School & PTO
Expand garden by adding planters and raised beds specifically planted with flowers and herbs known to attract pollinators like butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.  Add irrigation & benches.  It would give them their own natural wildlife habitat.

Existing garden will be expanded.

Art & class instruction in the garden.

Purchase tools, hummingbird feeders, potting bench & trellis.  They feel it would be a rewarding science lesson for their students. Record sightings of butterflies, insects and birds in nature journals and photos.

No. 5 Gold Ridge Elementary School
This grant app was submitted by 2nd grade teacher  Denise Swanson to benefit 90 2nd grade students. They will be taught about seeds, plants and the plant life cycle.

Ms. Swanson
They will purchase potting soil, seeds, & plants.  Each child will plant their own seeds. They want to purchase a salad spinner, salad dressing & plastic forks  to be used at their  garden party where each child will eat a salad made with vegetables they grew.

Garden Area
Art & class instruction in the garden
No. 6 Oak Chan Elementary School
They do not have a garden and were inspired by Natoma Station Elementary school's wonderful garden. They want their own garden and curriculum where the children can learn about gardening and horticulture and gain a better understanding of where food comes from.

They need everything and want to purchase and install fencing, gravel, raised beds, irrigation, along with tools and hoses.  Their grant app was very well thought out and detailed. They have plans in place as to how they will accomplish and run such a large project.

Diagram of proposed garden starting with 5 raised beds.

Future garden area
No. 7 Folsom Lake College
They want to install a campus garden to raise fruit, vegetables and flowers for student organizations, serving as an outdoor experimental lab for a number of science classes  & hopefully see the return of horticulture classes.  One of the goals of the garden is to demonstrate sustainable practices that can be used at home such as composting, organic food production, healthy diet and conservation.

Purchase materials to build six raised plant beds, compost bins, storage box & install 200' of fencing. Purchase perennial plants, fruit trees & berry plants
Layout showing 6 beds
Area set aside for garden
No. 8 Placer & Sacramento Valley Railroad
The P&SVRR wants to protect, preserve & develop the Folsom-Placerville railroad right-of-way, through the creation & operation of a community heritage railroad for the benefit, use, education and enjoyment of the general public.

They want to plant wildflowers along the Folsom Historic Railway for beautification and promotion of the P&SVRR.  It is their hope to eventually plant wildflower seeds along 1 mile of track.  They would hold a spring train event when the wildflowers are blooming. 

No. 9 Murer House & Learning Center
This is a new project for the Murer House which will include a bocce court, pizza oven, landscaping and irrigation for the area.  They will also place permanent labels on all the plants.  They are requesting we help with the plants & trees, planting mix & mulch, permanent  plant ID, and the bricks to form the garden areas.
This project will allow them to hold more outdoor events (including fundraisers) and to start a bocce ball league in Folsom.

In 2013 we gave a grant to Natoma Station Elementary School for improvements to their school garden.  At the end of the year they sent us a report and a photo journal of their garden.  We loved the photos so much we made them into a slide show.

Click on the photo below so you can
"Watch and Enjoy the Slide Show!"

FGC 2015 Grant Awards
FGC 2016 Grant Awards
In 2015 we are pleased to announce the we awarded $15,000 to fourteen very worthy grants applicants. Congratulations to all of them.
1. Vista del Lago High School

2. Murer House

3. St. John Notre Dame School        


4. Bright Beginnings Preschool        


5. Twin Lakes Food Bank        

6. Friends of the Folsom Zoo

7. Theodore Judah - Science Garden        

8. Theodore Judah Children's Garden        

9. Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary        

10. Golden Ridge Elementary        

11. Folsom High School Bulldogs Blooming Garden        

12. Folsom High School C-Building's Garden        

13. Natoma Station Elementary School        

14. Folsom Hills Elementary        

In 2016 we are pleased to announce the we awarded $5,000 to five very worthy grants applicants. Congratulations to all of them.
1. Oak Hills Community Garden
Project Goal:  to create a more functional space in our existing garden for students with special needs and to make modifications that will allow students in wheelchairs to be more involved in the garden.

2. Natoma Station Elementary School

Project Goal:  purchase desktop green houses for 20 classrooms to bring horticulture into the classroom and to repave the outdoor teaching garden with decomposed granite.  The garden is currently paved with "stone finds", which generates thick dust and prevents students and volunteers with respiratory illnesses from participating in the garden.

3. Folsom Lake College

Project Goal:  to continue work on the outdoor lab space for science and other classes by constructing a 4th raised bed, installing decomposed granite pathways, and planting/mulching perennial plant displays.

4. St John Notre Dame School

5. Murer House

Project Goal:  to expand the existing teaching garden by building a terraced garden bed, installing an insect hotel, and a green house.

Project Goal:  to erect a "Tuff Shed" to be used to organize and store all the garden equipment. (Cost Share)